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The main idea of the design project of the light installation is projecting movement on the interactive panels. The basis for the visual form of the concept was three basic geometric shapes -square,circle and triangle. The movement is achieved using hanging brackets within the figures that are functionally swings. The geometric shapes themselves are assumed to be done of the interactive panels. When a person is swinging on the interactive panels, you see its silhouette and its movement  are projected across the whole installation. The design project meets all three subjects: Light interactive panels create a visually interesting, the unique shape of lighting. Space - due to the motion-swinging installation as it cuts through the surrounding area. The time installation, performing the functional purpose of the swing is outside of time, will bring aesthetic pleasure to both adults and children.

The installation "WAY to light" responds to new technologies and serves as an excellent example of the integration of interactive lights in the light environment of the city.



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